The Tragic Death of the Antihero | The Reincarnation of the Superstar

A site specific performance devised for de Oude Kerk (the Old Church) in Amsterdam as part of the Museum Night event 'Between Heaven and Earth, November 2010.

The performance consists of an assembly line that prodcudes a slimy substance that is sent up to heaven to be purified. This process alludes our choice in our society to use Nuclear energy and the manner in which Nuclear waste is disposed of. Dealt with the attitude 'Out of sight, out of mind'.

Incidentally, the project was shown only 4 months prior to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

Design and Concept:
Doron Hirsch & Sayaka Akitsu
Lucie Lausin, Josta Ruby O'niel, Sayaka Akitsu, Nir Nadler, Toru Fujimoto, Fluer van Hille

Museumnacht | bLA
Various contributions:
Marcel van der Laan, Samuel H.Akitsu,
Suzy Blok, Rose Akras
Papabubble, Eikosha, Kuraray, TER Group
Video footage:
Kryzstof Weigel
Still footage:
Chaya Hertog, Thomas Lenden