An edible installation wherein the public is invited to take a bite out a giant piece of the Brazilian delight known as 'Maria-Mole'. The work synthesizes the controversial history of the sugar plantations from colonial Brazil and the current global sugar addiction and industry of the present day.

Design and Concept: Doron Hirsch
Cooking team: Sayaka Akitsu, Josta O'niel, Doron Hirsch
Glove Handlers: Yoran Li, Kim L.V
Sign Illustrations: Lucie Lausin

Still Footage: Thomas Lenden, Ilya Rabinovich
Video Footage: Filip Molski
Video Editing: Itai Cohen
Locations: de Oude Kerk | Melkweg - Amsterdam, NL

White granulated sugar - 57.8kg
Natural raspberry extract 4.7kg
Shredded coconut - 5.3kg
Fluffed egg whites - many