An interactive performance exploring the elasticity limits of bubble gum and the human body, seeking to test the borders of what we find fascinating and disgusting.

The piece utilises over 600 'Double Bubble' gum-balls, which after testing many international brands, have been proven to be by far the most efficient when coming to stretching of long distances.

As well for purposes of exaggeration, a spacial nose microphone has been devised in order to amplify the performers chewing sounds.

Apart from the physical experiment, the piece aims to take a closer look into the strange act of chewing gum, which aside to tobacco,Khat and Betel leaves, is probably among the only things we humans chew while don't swallow (and the only one from the list above we get can easily get at any local supermarket).

Design and Concept:
Doron Hirsch
Josta Ruby O'niel
Technical assistance:
Dave D. Krooshof