An environment built inside a metal box for a single spectator viewing a single performer. The duration of the work is determined by the spectator who choses when to leave the space.

The viewing conditions of the piece demand that the spectator lies down and gaze through a window located 90cm above their body; imagine laying in on the bottom level of a bunk bed when the mattress above you is transparent and close to you.

In the beginning all the viewer sees is an obscured window filled with smoke. The movement of the performer above manipulates and reduces the amount of smoke, revealing the performers naked body. The moment the performer opens their eyes, a contact is established and creates an eminent intimacy

Design and Concept: Doron Hirsch
Performance: Jihae Ko, Josta Ruby O'niel, Pablo Fontdevila
Technical assistance: Marlon O'niel, Adam Beni
Production: Suzy Blok, Maarten Duinker - Julidans|ILTWT
Documentation: Kryzstof Weigel, Doron Hirsch
Locations: Paradiso | Arti et Amicitiae - Amsterdam, NL

The piece is inspired by mans fascination of colonizing outer space and the exceptional geological phenomena occurring at the permanent polar ice caps of the South Pole of Mars.

The polar area lies in continuous darkness throughout the entire winter. Once exposed again to the sun during the spring, the frozen ice cap sublimate, resulting in enormous winds that sweep off the pole as fast as 400km/h. Transporting large amounts of dust and water vapor, giving rise to Earth-like frost and giant clouds.